Friends of Longford Park welcome you to our website, well more of a blog space really where we can post articles of interest from the group.

The group was set up some years back and has helped keep Longford Park Coventry a green flag award winning site to visit.

With a few new members bringing in new skills to the committee Longford Friends can now operate a Social media side of its dealings, hopefully to further advertise the park and events of which it boasts.

This website has the main goals of.

  1. Promotion of Longford Park Coventry and of events supported by the friends group.
  2. To act as a news channel to inform educate and liase with members of the public about benifits of local parks, especially of longford.
  3. To help support/advise any member wishing to help or run an event within the park.
  1. wp-1453306544010.jpg
    Longford Park Coventry in the snow, January 17th 2016. Photo credit, G.Lloyd.

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